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About Lovell, Nalley and Nalley


We have been Saline County’s lawyers for over forty years. We have been at the same location at the corner of North and Main Street since 1974. Our firm has a rich history of service, not only to the people of Saline County, but to our community. Some of our firm’s former and current attorneys and their service to Saline County are as follows:

Oliver Wendell Hall, Jr. (1920-2004) - Benton City Attorney and Saline County Municipal Judge.

Joe E. Purcell (1923-1987) - Benton City Attorney; Saline County Municipal Judge; Lieutenant Governor of the State of Arkansas.

John F. Lovell, Jr. (1935-2010) - Prosecuting Attorney for Saline, Grant and Hot Spring Counties, Arkansas.

Robert “Bob” Alsobrook - Saline County Prosecuting Attorney and President of Benton State Bank.

Judge Gary M. Arnold - Saline County Prosecuting Attorney and Saline County Circuit Judge.

John Doyle Nalley - Special Saline County Prosecuting Attorney, Special Judge Saline County District Court and Circuit Court.

John O. Payne - Municipal Judge Bauxite/Haskell.

Judge Robert L. Herzfeld - Saline County Prosecuting Attorney and Saline County Circuit Judge.

Dinah Dale - Assistant Attorney in the U. S. Senate.

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