Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Accidents are becoming more common as more and more people are pursuing their passion for cycling.  Our Firm recently obtained a $150,000.00 jury verdict for a young lady who was injured when struck by a car which was passing her as she made a left turn. 

State Farm Insurance Company appealed the verdict on behalf of its driver and claimed that our client was responsible because she did not signal for the length of time required by motor vehicles.  The Arkansas Court of Appeals rejected State Farm's argument that a bicyclist has to signal their intention to turn for at least 100 feet before turning.  The Court ruled that Arkansas Code Annotated § 27-51-403(b), which sets forth the requirements for motor vehicles to follow when turning, does not apply to bicycles because a bicycle is not a vehicle as defined by the Statute. 

The verdict for our client was upheld, and the judgment, together with interest, was ultimately paid.  The link to the case, Sanson vs. Allinson, 2004 Ark. App. 16 (2014) is set forth below.